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Here you will find the bios for the contributors to The MS Project – Volume 1.


r. Shermian Daniel was raised in New Jersey, and is a proud graduate of the Johns Hopkins University and UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School.  After beginning a residency program in Anesthesiology at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, she founded the Wagner Wolf publishing company ( in order to bring the journeys of young, educated, and motivated health professionals to life.  Her latest book title, So You Wanna Be A Doctor?? The Untold Stories of Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Residents is a must-have resource for aspiring doctors, and will encourage any student to reach for any educational goal.






If I can offer any advice to anyone reading this that has MS or knows someone who does, it’s this: Life is one big dish rag. No matter what, it’s going to get wet and messy. You can either leave it in the sink to rot, or wring it out for all it’s worth.

I plan on wringing my dishrag of a life dry. You should too.



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Elizabeth Yarnell





Liz Thompson, 59, is married and lives in Ohio. She is mother to one daughter and Nana to three grandchildren, loves gardening, camping, being outdoors, and baking. She is the author of one book Day by Day, The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter, published 2008 by Gallaudet University Press with a book in progress: Nudges, Fudges and Butterfly Moments (working title) to be published by Jebaire Publishing. She is also working on a book of poetry with her granddaughter, Elizabeth. She writes a monthly column for the local newspaper, Suburban News Publication, www.snponline, where she was first a copydesk typist then reporter for more than two years. For six years, she was a writer for Hearing Health Magazine. She is an ambassador and advocate for the Ohio Buckeye Chapter of the NMSS. Liz is an avid reader.

I, Liesl Oberfeld, am a writer, photographer, and former special education teacher.  My goal in life and art is to make the world a more positive place.  I was 23 years old in 1993 when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.




I volunteer for the MS Society and participate in their annual MS Walk Events. Being anyone with MS is challenging. Being a mom with MS is uplifting. I have been able to humble myself and at the same time become a role model. I help newly diagnosed patients by showing them how much better my life has become in the past 6 years, and not how MS stopped my life. If anything- it made me live my life to the fullest. I don’t want to waste any time or energy because I am aware how fragile that can be. I am teaching my daughters the value of helping others by bringing them with me to the walks and volunteer and by being open with them about the disease. It’s not something I am ashamed of, because I am proud when someone is shocked when they learn I have MS. I have MS, but it doesn’t have me!

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Jo Franz is available to speak for numerous groups and organizations across the country. She also sings and has written stories for about fifteen books besides her memoir and college book. Her websites include and from which her books are available along with all the online stores.



I am a man of faith, a family man and a professional Information Technology Network Specialist.  We have 4 children ages 19, 16, 14 and 11.  I have been employed by great companies such as IBM and Liz Claiborne.  I am a Motor-head and a great fan of music, science, history and casual gatherings with friends.  I was diagnosed with PPMS on February 1, 2008.   I have great dreams for the future.  I’m sure my story is a familiar one.



My name is Laura Hernandez -Myers. I am 48 years old. I am the mother of two grown children.  I married my loving friend in 2001.

I am an artist and poet/author.

I have been creating for most of my life. I love painting and putting my feelings on canvas & writing poetry and lyrics. Music holds a big place in my heart. I love playing acoustic guitar.

A new goal of mine is to learn the piano.

I recently published a book of poetry called “Wearing Our Insides Out” poetry by: L. Hernandez in September 2010.

My painting, “Strummin’ By The Light Of The Moon” was a custom piece commissioned by the National M.S. Society Women on the Move Luncheon in 2009. I was one of the featured speakers at this event.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007. Despite the challenges of the disease I will not give up any of my passions nor will I stop being in LOVE with LIFE!!!


Terri L Kyle is a wife, a mom, a daughter, a grandma, a me-maw, a friend, a sister, an aunt, a nurse practitioner, and a person with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Officially diagnosed May, 2005 all of those roles changed until Terri found a treatment plan that allowed her to live life well.

Terri lives in Indiana with her husband of 20 years, Rick. Together they have three children, Michelle, Heidi, and Adam. They also have two grandchildren , Nathan and Olive. Terri is best friends with her momma and is paramount is caring for her.

Terri is extremely passionate about animals and has three she calls her babes! Frasier and Daphne are Jack Russell Terriers and Skyy is a Siberian Huskey. Terri’s granddog, Stella is also the love of her life! Terri encourages animal adoption always!

Professionally, Terri is a nurse practitioner and works full time. She describes nursing as the perfect career stating this profession offers never-ending opportunities. Terri has a Masters degree in  nursing and is entertaining returning to college for her doctorate.

Terri is a public speaker and often speaks as a patient advocate for MS patients. Her ultimate goal is to help find a cure for MS. She is actively involved in the Paul Fangman Jr. Foundation which is a wonderful organization whose primary interest is MS. This organization is located in Indiana. Terri’s daughter Michelle sparked Terri’s interest in this awesome foundation.

Terri’s passions include family, integrity, nursing, animal care, and finding a cure for MS.

Terri’s journey with MS has been interesting. She will share her first year with you in this reading. The rest of her story is yet to be written.


October Clarke Craig has been self-employed as a writer, editor, and marketing consultant for more than 20 years. Before starting her own business, she was an editor, copywriter and direct marketing manager for several well-known publishing companies. Although now more limited in terms of “outings,” she is active in her spiritual center, where she serves as a chaplain. She recently edited am I being kind, by Michael J. Chase (Hay House, 2011) and contributed to web pages and edited tracks for a


forthcoming inspirational CD by a life coach. She lives with her husband in southern New Hampshire.


My name is Shelly Kim Irmen. I was born in 1972 in Kingston, Ontario but raised in the West. From the age of 3 to age 15 I lived in Stony Plain, AB ½ hour West of Edmonton. I then moved with my family, to British Columbia. I spent 10 years on the coast. Currently, I live in Cochrane, Alberta, with my husband Scott Irmen and my two children Lawson Scott Irmen and Lucy Mavis Irmen. I participated in the Alberta Summer Games in 1985 with synchronized swimming. In 1990 I was crowned First Princess and Miss Congeniality in the Miss White Rock Pageant. In this pageant I also won the speech contest. I graduated from Semiahmoo Secondary-British Columbia, in 1990. My post-secondary schooling took place at The West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1996. I had the opportunity to ice climb and ski; currently I enjoy yoga.

All of Elinor’s teachings center on building relationships for a lifetime clientele and community service. Smooth Sale, a sales training company, offers motivational speaking, corporate team training, private coaching, webinars, the Smooth Sale product line and two international books. “ Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results” is an international best seller; “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews” is receiving wide acclaim. You may connect with Elinor on social media and call for consultation.



Jennylyn Hart, named at birth Jennylyn Marie Soler, is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, friend, author, motivational speaker and Life Coach.  She lived most of her life in various places throughout New Jersey, but now resides in Maryland in their three level home because she can walk up and down the stairs with her husband, her daughter (“her angel”) and their two dogs.  The letters M & S have been following her for over 22 years but she envisions those letters as speed bumps on her journeys.

She conducts live trainings and seminars over the telephone and the internet to show others the new meaning for the letters M & S = Making SmileS.

If you would like to hear her message of positive outlooks on life, visit her website to find out how you can connect with her.

Chris Tatevosian is a retired pharmaceutical and nutritional chemical analyst. At present Tatevosian ministers to others as a motivational speaker, columnist, author and blog talk radio host of the show “Winning Life through Pain” . Chris has lived with multiple sclerosis for more than 30 years.


Chris specializes in helping patients and their spouses, caregivers, family members and friends better deal and deal more positively with the stresses put on one’s relationships as a result of life interrupted by chronic illness or disability, which is the theme of Chris’s self-help book Life Interrupted It’s Not All About Me. His successful ministry of more than four years in Holliston Massachusetts has helped hundreds reduce the stress, anxiety and worry  that so often strangles, strains and frequently destroys one’s relationships. If by literally making my life an open book just one relationship or marriage is benefited or saved it will have been well worth exposing my personal struggles, says he.

Chris has appeared on national radio, blog talk radio and local television.As seen in MSFocus Magazine, Pathways Magazine UK, Metro West Daily News,USA,, Forbes, Assist,Women’s Online Magazine, Holliston

Sherri Palm

Sherrie Palm is the Founder/President of APOPS, Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support Inc, a nonprofit foundation for pelvic organ prolapse support, the award-winning author of Pelvic Organ Prolapse: The Silent Epidemic, and the Community Leader of the Urogynecology Forum. As a grassroots women’s pelvic floor health advocate, she devotes her time to all avenues of establishing recognition of pelvic organ prolapse and providing support pathways for women in various stages of POP. For more info about APOPS or pelvic organ prolapse support, go to .

My name is Andrea and I’m 38 years old.  I’m a mother of an energetic 4 ½ year old boy; I’m a wife, a daughter, a very cool Aunt & a good friend.  I’m an occupational therapist, a university instructor, a researcher and a mentor.  I’m an avid reader who is shamelessly addicted to vampire dramas.  Oh and by the way….I just happen to have MS