Study finds exercise, sunlight treat MS

March 15th, 2012 by Laina Turner


A decade-long study into treating multiple sclerosis has found lifestyle changes can slow its progression and in some cases remove the symptoms.

Melbourne researchers found that a low saturated fat, plant-based diet, exercise, sunlight exposure and relaxation techniques can improve the health of sufferers.

Study leader Professor George Jelinek says those lifestyle approaches, along with drug treatment, can improve quality of life for those with MS by 20 per cent.

He says the finding is quite a breakthrough.

“Some people didn’t get better and some people didn’t adhere to the lifestyle recommendations and some people have got worse, but conversely some people have got very dramatically better so that some people have had complete resolution of symptoms and are perfectly well,” he said.

“That’s just a fantastic outcome for the people concerned.”

Professor Jelinek says the next step is to investigate exactly what factor or what combination of lifestyle changes made the difference.

“We don’t actually yet know what made the difference to these people,” he said.

“The next stage of our research is to get on and look at exactly what factors explained that improvement.

“It’s remarkable to us that we had such a significant improvement for people when the usual course should be progressive deterioration.”

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  1. Karen Hodge says:

    This is not a breakthrough! I applied these health principles and a few others to my lifestyle after reading about them in a book written in 1863, and recovered from MS 3 years ago. And I am not the only one. I have been teaching them to the sick ever since. I might add I never and still do not take any medications. These health principles are not disease specific they allow recovery from all lifestyle diseases because I have seen recovery from Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Cataracts, glucoma. Lupas etc from the people who have been educated on this lifestyle. It is all about making your immune system the most powerful it can be therefore allowing the body to heal itself. So is this a breakthrough?….maybe for the medical profession, but not for me!

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