MS Awareness Week Day 1: MS Kills Connections by Trevis Gleason

March 13th, 2012 by Laina Turner

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Today marks the beginning of MS Awareness Week in the United States — seven days of awareness adverts in print, on TV, and over the radio. If we all do our jobs well, everyone will have heard something about multiple sclerosis this week.

As part of the kick-off to MS Awareness week, I’d like to announce that we’ll be posting daily blogs this week. Every day we’ll be covering one topic or the other as it relates to living life with MS and sharing stories which will help others understand. Today, we’ll begin with a new awareness campaign announced by the National MS Society.

“MS Kills Connection — Connection Kills MS”

Some early reviews think the work “kills” right next to MS is a bad idea. I understand the concern, but we’ve been speaking the stark truth about multiple sclerosis in the pages of the Life With MS Blog for nearly 6 years (in fact we have an anniversary this week — how fitting!) and I’ve been begging for some honest language in the MS lexicon for some time. The Society’s willingness to print my “Unspeakable Bits” Blog was not an easy decision for many, but it was a no-brainer to the senior leadership and our third post will be up soon.

Multiple sclerosis does kill connection — connection between my axons and the neurons which fire signals in the brain, connection between my brain and spinal cord, connection between my brain and my body… connection between my person and my community. MS kills connection!

With the new site, a new social media type outlet has been made available today.

I was part of the beta test run for MS Connection and find that it will be an interesting and, eventually, useful tool to keep in touch — real time — with events, activities, news, and research. Through, we can hear about important legislation being acted upon (or not) in Congress and our state legislatures. We can read up on other peoples’ successes (and failures). We can join a group conversation, keep abreast of famous people living with MS, and much more.

MS Connection is intended to be a platform from which we, the users, take the connections from one place to the place we need them.

I’ve started a companion group on the site called “Life with MS” — I mean, what else would I call it, right? You can join the group after you register and set-up your profile. It’s easy and I’m already reading things from people who get my MS!

It may seem like another “thing” to do and with which we have to keep up. It may indeed prove too much for some of us to keep up with, but I’m willing to give it a try. I look forward to “meeting” some of you on this new networking site.

One last little thing to share today: A new video has posted which can help some people to understand the disease a bit better. “MS Impacts All Of Us” may be of use to those of you who wish to share during this MS Awareness Week.

Tomorrow, we’ll post about an exciting research webcast that you can join from NYU at 9:15AM Eastern Time (they apologize for the early start, but I’m sure it will be ready for downloads soon after). We’ll make sure the post is up bright and early!

Wishing you and your family the best of health.




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