K: Karma

April 10th, 2011 by Laina Turner

I ran across this blog on Carole’s MS Blog and just loved it! I had to share.


K: Karma: One’s action determine destiny

This karma thing is really hitting home. I think about all the dumb things I do and the end result. Nobody to blame but myself. Yet at the same time I see the  stupid actions of others having an impact on me. Does it mean that I in turn am stupid because I allow it to happen?  It’s confusing. For example I’m having problems at work again ( and I really hate that my blog posts are so often about work). An individual who works on the same team as me  is seeking a work accommodation  That’s fine, but they have dragged me into their mess. What a mess too!!  I tried to explain to this person that just because they can’t get the same accomodation as me (working at home ) doesn’t mean that they should try to wreck what I have. But that seems to be the way people operate at my office. Read More

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