Jack Osbourne on MS diagnosis: Adapt and overcome

June 26th, 2012 by Laina Turner

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New father Jack Osbourne has been hit with devastating news just as he’s easing into parenthood.

The 26-year-old son of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, who welcomed daughter Pearl in April, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just a few weeks after Pearl’s birth, as he reveals in a new interview with Hello! magazine.


“The timing was so bad,” Jack told the magazine. “I’d just had a baby, work was going great … I kept thinking, ‘Why now?'”

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, and according to Hello!, it was an episode in which Jack lost most of the vision in his right eye that led him to seek treatment. The diagnosis has his parents questioning how this could happen, with his mother Sharon wondering if it could be attributed to something she did during pregnancy.


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