2500 downloads in 25 days!

April 29th, 2011 by Laina Turner

The MS Project is a collection of things created to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. Consisting of a book, a website, and an iPhone app these elements work together to bring more attention to the disease, teach people, and create a strong community.


World MS Day is Wednesday May 25th and our goal, starting May 1st – May 25th, is 2500 downloads in 25 days.

The book – released on March 14th, 2011, is a collection of stories written by people afflicted by Multiple Sclerosis, or who have loved ones afflicted. This book is meant to be informational regarding the disease as experienced by real people and to showcase the amazing strength people find when facing adversity. DOWNLOAD the e-book for .99 on Amazon or Smashwords.


The iPhone app – is a tool to create awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. Connected to The MS Project website the app will include a feed from the blog to provide access to the MS community and a wealth of knowledge. DOWNLOAD the app on iTunes for .99.


Not only will 2500 downloads raise awareness for the cause but profits go to the MS Society.


For more information go to The MS Project website at https://themsproject.com


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Does anyone else have trouble with medications not working for them?

April 27th, 2011 by Laina Turner

By Amelia.

So it’s been another month or so since I wrote my last post!

It’s amazing how time just gets eaten up, especially when you have a chronic illness that eats up your energy and requires you to rest and recuperate more than most.
It is true to say that the start of the year wasn’t the easiest I have ever had, but with the support of my friends and family, I am getting stronger.
My symptoms haven’t changed, which is annoying and disappointing, but it is my attitude towards those symptoms that has changed.
When I was going through my two stays in hospital in January and February, I was told several times that the pain I was feeling was very real but that because my mood was low, that was contributing to how bad the pain was getting. Read more…



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so I.m a happy person

April 26th, 2011 by Laina Turner
this is my first attempt. i do need more pract...

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By Cathy.

So I’m a happy person. Get over it.

I’ve been snubbed more than once in my life. People who can’t believe the obstacles I face and still
maintain a happy person….

I was recently asked to speak to a group of people. Not about my MS but really about dealing with challenges and staying a happy person.

I postponed it a bit because I was going thru all those medical situations and in alot of pain. Staning was very uncomfortable.

Hopefully we can pull together a date and time soon.

As many of you know my family has chosen to walk away from me and my MS. Their loss.
I can’t let stuff like that bother me. I am way too busy.

The business I started a few years ago is growing like crazy. I am so grateful for the support from the MS Community.
Mark also travels alot so I’m basically running the house. With three dogs (and now one that is seriously sick)
I always have alot on my plate.
I do all the birthdays, anniversaries, special occasion gifts. I am always volunteering somewhere.
I also write alot and finalizing my book. yippee ! Read more...


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Is Multiple Sclerosis inherited?

April 25th, 2011 by Laina Turner

Although its role is unclear, genetics may play a role in multiple sclerosis. European gypsies, Eskimos and African Bantu essentially do not develop multiple sclerosis, while Native Indians of North and South America, Japanese and other Asian groups have a low incidence. The general population has less than a one-percent chance of developing multiple sclerosis. The chance increases in families where a first-degree relative has the disease. Thus, a brother, sister, parent, or child of a person with multiple sclerosis stands a one-percent to three percent chance of developing multiple sclerosis. Similarly, an identical twin runs a nearly 30% chance of acquiring multiple sclerosis whereas a non-identical twin has only a 4% chance if the other twin has the disease. Read more…..



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Excuse me please, I need a seat

April 18th, 2011 by Laina Turner

A great post by LIsa Emrich


Excuse me please, I need a seat

Thursday morning I traveled into Washington DC by riding the metro. It was a surprisingly easy trip really. However there was one minor bump right at the beginning of the trip. 

I began the metro trip with my Mom, who uses the metro to get to work every day. Even at 6:20am and being only the 4th station from the end of the orange line, the train was full. Lots of people rushed from the platform to get on board. I was not quite as fast (or aggressive) as many of the business people were.

One thing I know is that it would be very difficult for me to stand on the metro train while it is in motion. Although I’ve been doing pretty well lately without too much difficulty with my legs, my balance is impaired. I’m not able to respond too quick changes in movements. Read More….


K: Karma

April 10th, 2011 by Laina Turner

I ran across this blog on Carole’s MS Blog and just loved it! I had to share.


K: Karma: One’s action determine destiny

This karma thing is really hitting home. I think about all the dumb things I do and the end result. Nobody to blame but myself. Yet at the same time I see the  stupid actions of others having an impact on me. Does it mean that I in turn am stupid because I allow it to happen?  It’s confusing. For example I’m having problems at work again ( and I really hate that my blog posts are so often about work). An individual who works on the same team as me  is seeking a work accommodation  That’s fine, but they have dragged me into their mess. What a mess too!!  I tried to explain to this person that just because they can’t get the same accomodation as me (working at home ) doesn’t mean that they should try to wreck what I have. But that seems to be the way people operate at my office. Read More